"George and his team knew exactly what to do"

"Telehouse engaged Stephan Partners and Watermelon Social to develop a personal branding and content marketing strategy for our direct sales team. We needed a strategy that could integrate our THINK NEXT corporate brand positioning and incorporate that on an individual basis. George and his team knew exactly what to do. The end result has been more client engagement, more leads and more sales."

Sandra de NovellisChief Marketing Innovation Officer at Telehouse

Why Promise-Based Branding Matters

Are you a purple cow in a field of brown cows? Do you have a clear brand promise that differentiates you from competition? Are you breaking through the clutter? Does your branding deliver a consistent message across all communication platforms? Do you have a brand promise that your competitors cannot make or have not made?  Are members of your executive and sales teams on board? Is your branding a corporate asset? We can help you say yes to these questions.



Why Content Marketing Matters

Content marketing is about leveraging your professional network with thought leadership content to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships and achieve your sales goals. Content marketing to your professional network enables better lead generation and eliminates much of the need for cold calling. Building and maintaining relationships works best when prospects land on promise-based corporate and personal brands.

Post and blast regularly to your professional network, write articles, do interviews, be active in industry discussions, publish whitepapers and more on topics of interest to your target audience. Become a resource for your network that nurtures engagement, leads and sales.

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